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Sectional garage doors

• Fully insulated • Manual or electric • Energy saving • Many different styles • Choice of colours

Our Sectional garage doors have remained a popular choice for homeowners.

When opting for a sectional garage door the panels are broken down into individual sections, the result is a mechanism that allows for much smoother opening and closing than the traditional up and over the alternative.

All Sectional garage doors have the added benefit of being available in manual operation or fully electric operation.

Our sectional garage doors are available in many different style and colours to suit your home.

A window panel section are available too, which make the sectional garage door a very attractive option when choosing your new garage door

As we are an independent company, we have access to all of the leading sectional door manufacturers such as Garador, Hormann, Novoferm and Alutech.

Sectional - Wood grain

Sectional - Small rib

Sectional - Medium rib

Sectional - Large rib

Sectional - Georgian

Sectional - Anthricite

Choose your style

Why not treat yourself to this comfort and convenience.

In terms of safety, our Sectional doors are tested and certified in accordance with the high safety requirements of European standard 13241-1.

You can use our safety checklist to find out whether your old garage door complies with the current safety standards.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not a sectional garage door is a worthwhile investment, it’s worth noting the convenience that these doors offer. In addition to this, these doors also boast secure properties that make them an outstanding choice for the security-conscious. They are also designed with space management in mind.

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Ingenious design

Each door is comprised of individual sections which are, in turn, connected by hinges.

This ingenious design means that these doors can be rolled up or down neatly folding the door into the ceiling rather than having the door sticking out.

Because of the way in which it folds up, it is a great space-saving option.

Great news if you’re planning on parking a second vehicle out front.

Sectional garage doors

Easy access

Such doors are also worth considering for situations where a garage is situated directly in front of a public footpath.

The door can be open without presenting a potential hazard to passers-by.

Do you own a vehicle with a large height clearance, such as a van, these doors will make it far easier to drive in and out of the garage.

All these doors are manufactured using high-quality materials along with additional fittings.

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